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Another Day

Band members:
Gabe – vocals, keys, accordion
John – Guitar
Pino – Bass
Phil – Drums, vocals

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Anson Eckert

Solo artist


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Eddie Elliott

Singer/Song Writer/Guitar Player
Solo artist
Just released 4th album in US


BooBar Stage and PA Equipment


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Ready to play? All you need are guitars...
We've got the rest:

Ludwig Drums (5 Piece)   Peavey XR8300 Mix/amp
2 toms plus floor tom   Fender ProBass 800 amp
Paiste hi-hat cymbals   Peavey 115TVX Bass cabinet
Zildjian ride, crash   Peavey 210 TVX Bass cabinet
4 various guitar pedals (CF7 Chorus factory, Digital Delay, flanger, etc.)   Crown XL5202 Power Amp
2 Mackie SR15227 Active Loudspeakers   4 Shure SM 57/SM 58 mics
2 JBL JRX100, JRX112M Monitors   4 piece drum mic kit
Peavey PV10 10 Channel Mixer   All cables, stands, etc to make it all work



Stop by and see us at

Stop By
Old Port Fish Market
Rocky Point, Mexico

Hours: Open Daily except
Tuesday from 11am to closing.
We gladly accept:
US Cash, Mexican Pesos,
Visa and MasterCard
Phone: 602-476-2665

BooBar Merchandise

Stop by the bar and pick up a BooBar spaghetti-strap or a regular BooBar t-shirt, a drink koozie to keep your beverage cool or a BooBar g-string.